Easy Gluten Free Artisan Bread

Online: Gluten Free Artisan Bread



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  • Easy Crusty Gluten Free Artisan Bread



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Instructor: Lorraine

What you will learn

Cooking Class Description: In this fun online class, we’re diving headfirst in the world of gluten free bread baking, focusing on the art of crafting your very own artisan boule.  You’ll learn the science of gluten-free baking, ingredients & equipment, mixing & kneading, shaping & scoring, and finally baking & troubleshooting.

  • To get fully prepared for class, download our prep packet filled with essential shopping lists, pre-class prep guides and more. Use the shopping list to gather ingredients prior to the day of class. (Click here to download the prep packet and get started.)
  • Class start time is listed in Eastern Time.
  • Classes are 1 1/2 to 2 hours, unless otherwise noted above.
  • Each class is a password-protected Zoom session. You can download Zoom at www.zoom.us
  • You’ll receive an email with a session ID and password 30 minutes prior to your class.
  • Login to the Zoom session prior to the start time—late attendees may not be admitted.
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