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For over a decade, we’ve been on a mission to create the perfect gluten-free flour and blends that redefine the way you experience baked goods. Whether you’re dreaming of delicate pastries, hearty crusty bread, or a cozy family pizza night, we’ve got you covered.


The Perfect Balance:

Our secret? A meticulously crafted blend of gluten-free flours (1:1), including rice flour, brown rice flour, cornstarch, potato starch, tapioca starch, and xanthan gum. This harmonious mix is carefully calibrated to mimic the characteristics of wheat-based baked goods—think tender, soft, and never crumbly, dry, or gritty.


Artisan Blend Excellence:

Our gluten free Artisan Blend is your ticket to creating the crustiest bread, the most authentic baguette, ciabatta that’s simply divine, and so much more. Plus, it’s grain-free, so you can indulge your taste buds without the gluten guilt.


Sweet Dough Mix:

Craving cinnamon rolls that practically melt in your mouth? How about a babka that’s a work of art or beignets that transport you straight to the French Quarter? Our Sweet Dough Mix makes it all possible with just a handful of ingredients. Breakfast treats have never been easier or more delicious!


Bread/Pizza Mix:

Planning a pizza night for the whole crew? Our gluten free Bread & Pizza Mix is your secret weapon! Create pizza dough for a crowd without breaking a sweat. It’s so versatile; you can whip up thin-crust masterpieces, deep-dish delights, or anything in between. Or do you want a loaf that’s not only delicious but also large enough to craft the ultimate sandwich? This mix bakes up a soft, tender loaf that’s perfect for your favorite sandwich creations. It’s a taste of heaven in every bit.


Certified Quality:

Rest assured, our products are Certified Gluten-Free by GFCO (Gluten-Free Certification Organization) and UO Kosher Certified. It’s our way of guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and purity.


Allergen-Free Goodness:

We believe everyone should enjoy delicious baked goods without worry. That’s why our products are non-GMO and free from the top 9 allergens, giving you peace of mind with every bite.

At Hand + Heart Gluten Free, we’ve poured our heart and soul into creating these blends, ensuring that every baking adventure is a delightful experience. Whether you’re whipping up cinnamon buns for brunch or crafting a family pizza night masterpiece, our flour and blends are here to make your gluten-free journey a tastier one.


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